At Willow & Sprout we create beautifully handcrafted candles. We use one of the only pure coconut-soy waxes available in our country and each candle is lovingly hand-poured in our home. 

Willow & Sprout is dedicated to our impact on the environment. We aim to show you that luxury does not have to be sacrificed when living a sustainable life.

  • We use sustainable 100% coconut-soy wax that is completely additive free and environmentally friendly, so no nasty chemicals or fumes are released.
  • Our custom jar labels are completely compostable, something we are truly proud of, so pop them into your home compost & feel no guilt! 
  • As part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance a tree is planted on our behalf each time we order more labels. So far we've had a trees planted in the Amazon and in the Andes!
  • We use bio-degradable packing peanuts when shipping that dissolve under water like magic.
  • We're almost completely plastic free from start to finish, the last thing to go is the tape we use to seal our shipping boxes and we're investigating alternatives.

We believe our sense of smell can powerfully evoke precious memories, that's why our product is more than just a candle. We have curated a range of signature fragrances that truly embody our home city of Melbourne and the memories we have here.

xx Whitney & Sebastian

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