About Willow and Sprout

Our Story 

Willow and Sprout was founded in 2020 during the infamous Melbourne lockdown by partners Whitney and Sebastian. What started as a hobby to keep us distracted and sane has blossomed into a beautiful small business that has truly become our passion project.

We both (for now…) are working fulltime jobs from home, and all of the Willow and Sprout magic is done in our spare time after work and on weekends.

We truly believe a business can be luxurious yet sustainable and we’re constantly striving to find new ways to improve how we do things.

Our Products

All Willow and Spout candles are hand-poured by us in Melbourne, Australia using only the highest quality ingredients:

  • sustainable 100% coconut soy wax that is completely additive free and environmentally friendly, so no nasty chemicals or fumes are released when burning
  • bio-degradable packing peanuts when shipping that dissolve under water like magic
  • uncoated premium double wooden wicks
  • high quality fragrance oils
  • quality glass jars that can be re-used for a variety of purposes

Cocosoy wax candles have a longer, cleaner burn than the paraffin candle alternatives.

Our glass jars are reusable as well, so once you're finished simply wash out with hot soapy water and you have a perfect place to plant your next succulent!

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